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Car Wash Tested.

Car Wash Tested

Wheel-eez offers superior wheel cleaning for Car Washes without the corrosion that destroys your concrete & equipment.

Cork Industries Plant in Jacksonville, FL

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Cork Industries, the maker of Wheel-eez has been making coatings and cleaners for industry since 1980, and is a leader in Sustainable Chemistry.

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Wheel-eez Detail & Motorcycle Wheel-eez is available online.  Buy it online and have it delivered right to your door.


Wheel-eez Al-Brite 3 at ICA Carwash Show

Wheel-eez Al-Brite 3 Wheel Cleaner

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Wheel-eez Al-Brite 3™ Noncorrosive Wheel Cleaner announced at ICA Show in Las Vegas

  • Cost Competitive
  • Safe & Easy to Handle
  • Noncorrosive Wheel Cleaner
  • Free Shipping

Cork Industries announces the development of Wheel-eez Al-Brite 3™, a new concentrated noncorrosive wheel cleaner with the protection and power of Wheel-eez™.  This wheel cleaner will ship in 5 gallon pails and will make a 55 gallon drum when mixed with water.  This concentrated mix makes the shipping and handling easy and safe.  

As a matter of ease, shipping is included in the new low price.  If you were looking for an affordable alternative to the harsh, corrosive wheel cleaners on the market, look no further.  Request a free sample of Wheel-eez Al-Brite 3™ today by clicking here or the tab under Wheel-eez Car Wash tab above.

Wheel-eez Al-Brite 3™ was introduced at the recent International Car Wash Show in Las Vegas and as an immediate hit with car wash owners.  True noncorrosive wheel cleaners that actually work and are environmentally responsible are rare.  Wheel-eez is safe, noncorrosive and biodegradable!

Carwash.com interviews John at Wheel-eez


Recently John Sohigian was interviewed by Carwash.com, the online arm of Professional Carwashing & Detailing ® magazine.  

See the article on Carwash.com here.


More of Interview Here:

PCD: Where did the idea for coming up with Wheel-eez come from? 

Over the years, CORK earned a reputation for providing innovative solutions to challenging printers’ problems. Cork was asked for a safer cleaning product for use on their multi-million dollar printing presses.   Conventional UV press wash products had very high flammability, making press cleaning the most hazardous part of a job.

The solution had to be able to dissolve dried-in coatings, but it also had to be non-corrosive to protect the customers’ presses. To solve the cleaning problem, Cork developed a water-based wash for UV coatings called Cork-Clean™. It greatly reduced the odor, toxicity, and flammability hazards associated with solvent-based cleaning products while protecting the presses.

Cork recognized that vehicle owners and specifically, car wash owners needed a safe, effective alternative to harsh caustic based cleaners that would remove brake dust, road grime and stubborn deposits from wheels while protecting the other metal on the vehicle, fixtures and floorings, the people who apply it as well as the  environment.  Using Cork-Clean™ as a starting point, Cork developed Wheel-eez.


Car Wash Tested.

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Harsh Chemicals will ruin Concrete and Metals. Wheel-eez has been tested at Car Washes and the word is getting out:  Wheel-eez is a Wheel Cleaner that works well, is cost-effective and doesn't cause corrosion to your car wash. It's safe to handle and is biodegradable, showing Cork Industries' commitment to the environment and sustainability. 

  • COMPARABLE Cost-Per-Car
  • ADD YEARS of Life to concrete floors and metal fixtures
  • US EPA approved for sale on military bases

Wheel-eez delivers results without the need for strong caustic based cleaners.  


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Detail in Action

Wheel-eez Intro

"Most operators know how hard it is to clean wheels.  Give Wheel-eez a shot and see shiny wheels and rims.  That's what we did ."

Mike and Serdar, Bubbles Express Wash in Stuart, Florida

"Good foam and coverage, cleaning good.  Can see brake dust and road grime break down before the wheel scrubber."

Car Wash Operator in Houston, Texas using the Hydrominder G-57 pump