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Wheel-eez Bike Nights... the perfect place to see what Wheel-eez Wheel Cleaner is all about. Join us and try out Wheel-eez!


Car Wash Tested.

Car Wash Tested

Wheel-eez offers superior wheel cleaning for Car Washes without the corrosion that destroys your concrete & equipment.

Cork Industries Plant in Jacksonville, FL

Our Story

Cork Industries, the maker of Wheel-eez has been making coatings and cleaners for industry since 1980, and is a leader in Sustainable Chemistry.

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Wheel-eez Detail & Motorcycle Wheel-eez is available online.  Buy it online and have it delivered right to your door.

Wheel-eez and Terri Runnels at The Car Wash Show

Wheel-eez, a Biodegradable, Noncorrosive Wheel Cleaner is an Environmentally Safe, Effective Alternative to Harsh Caustic and Acid Based Products.

Many of today's leading wheel cleaning products contain sodium hydroxide, hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid which attack concrete and metal and are very dangerous to those that work with or near these substances.  Wheel-eez cleans dirt, grime and brake dust just as well but without the harmful effects.  Run-off from wheels washed with Wheel-eez wheel cleaner will not harm soil, plants, concrete or metal. Car wash tested - safe and effective.

Come see us at booth 654 at the International Car Wash Show and meet former WWE Diva and Wheel-eez ambassador, Terri Runnels on March 31 and April 1.

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Chain Test

Detail in Action

Wheel-eez Intro

"Most operators know how hard it is to clean wheels.  Give Wheel-eez a shot and see shiny wheels and rims.  That's what we did ."

Mike and Serdar, Bubbles Express Wash in Stuart, Florida

"Good foam and coverage, cleaning good.  Can see brake dust and road grime break down before the wheel scrubber."

Car Wash Operator in Houston, Texas using the Hydrominder G-57 pump