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Our Best Wheel Cleaner and Metal Cleaner Formulated to Remove the Worst Greasy Brake Dust, Dirt & Grime!

Wheel-eez® Detail Pro - Our Best Detailer Formula Wheel Cleaner - OUR BEST OFFER! 

Wheel-eez® Detail Pro™

Wheel-eez® Detail Pro™ wheel cleaner offers the best in class wheel cleaner for professional detailers.  Detail Pro™ can be used with ALL Wheel types.  It is noncorrosive and safe to use, along with being biodegradable.  No more relying on harsh chemicals for your tough to clean wheels.  

Just spray first with water, then mist Wheel-eez® on wheel.  Leave on for a few minutes for tough greasy dust and grime.  Agitate as needed and rinse away for a clean shiny wheel. 

Wheel-eez® is Awesome! Removes Ugly!

And you don't just have to take our word...

"This product is wonderful. My wife has an Audi A6 and the rim vines are too close together and spraying this product inside cleaned the rims to where they looked new."

Robert, for Wheel-eez® Detail Pro™

"Great product!! Recommended for all types of wheels. Really does the job! "
 - Mark M, for Wheel-eez® Detail Pro™

I have a set of PM Forged 20” “Race” wheels on the Sprinter in our contrast cut finish. You are most likely aware that European vehicles have the dirtiest brake pad material in the world. I have tried cleaning them in the past using wheel polish paste with minimal results.

Today I used the Wheel-eez® you gave to me, with absolutely no effort these wheels became brilliantly clean. I was amazed!! This is the best product I have ever used on wheels. They looked like I just took them out of the box new.

I would recommend this product to anyone. Feel free to use me as a spokesperson……..I’m sold on this product.

Glenn Micklos, East Coast Factory Representative, Performance Machine.

Try Wheel-eez® Detail Pro™ on your cars today.  

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