Spot - Free Metal Shine for ALL METALS! Death to Dull!  Get your Bike to Shine!  Powerful to use on Greasy Brake Dust and Wheels!


Our new Chrome Skull™ Formula is perfect for cleaning wheels and metals on your bike, yet is still powerful to clean your worst greasy dirt. While Chrome Skull™ is its name, it is Safe for ALL Metals and alloy wheels.

• Safe for Motorcycles

• Won't Flame Up on Hot Metal

• Biodegradable • Noncorrosive • Nonflammable

New Wheel-eez® Chrome Skull™ is a new formulation and will replace the original Wheel-eez® Motorcycle.
Your can get it here in our Wheel-eez Shop or in select bike shops like Bruce Rossmeter's Daytona Harley-Davidson.